I’m from the Rumbek community of the Bahr

I’m from the Rumbek community of the Bahr El Ghazal region of South Sudan Lake State. The people of Rumbek, lake state are of Dinka of South Sudan. I came to Australia on 1th September 2004, as soon as I arrive I thought of helping my people especially my orphans brothers and sisters like me, and soon after with the help of my friends, I began to draft this project.
The reason I have set up this organization is to help orphans children who are affected by the civil war in Southern Sudan like me I lost my father when I was a little boy. This began on 16 May 1983 and has continued for over two decades, leaving the region devastated and without basic human services and infrastructure especially schools for they children especially they orphans children. My goal is to provide them with the basic needs such as clothing, food etc., education is one of the very important needs of orphans’ children in Rumbek where there are no school buildings and those orphans even uniforms.