Is to reduce the suffering of the orphans

The purpose of (AASSV)
• Is to reduce the suffering of the orphans and build their capacity through giving them love, care and education as their future tools and activities to become productive in the society.

Specific objectives
• To improve the quality lives of the orphans and establishing a permanent home school and health centre.
• Promote the prayerful search for forgiveness and reconciliation in a spirit of mutual accountability, the development of deeper relationships and the sharing of human, spiritual and material resources with one another.

• The main objectives of this, is to create a positive long good environment for the orphans in which they can lives and feel at home.
• To provide adequate awareness to the community and the world the need to protect and support vulnerable orphans children.
• Provide save environment where they can feel save.
• Provide accommodation and homes.
• Provide food and drinking water.
• Provide cloth and schools uniform.
• Find the ways to help in education.
• We will also need to train them in different skill necessary.