Since arriving in Australia almost eight years ago now, I have never forgot that if I could ever go back home and bring something meaningful to my native land, it would be to bring some much needed help to the most vulnerable people in the world, the orphaned children of South Sudan. This was also a view shared by my colleagues who were supportive of my idea. Many may have heard of the civil war that ravaged both the people and country of South Sudan for over two decades. The war that was fought between the North and South Sudan took the lives of about 4 million people, most of them civilians from South Sudan.
The impact of war and its wide ranging effects have left the country in ruins. Lack of proper roads, clean water supplies, proper sanitation, electricity and telecommunications are the legacies of neglect by governments in Khartoum and the two civil wars. One of the most outstanding examples of the impact of the civil war is the state of the health system in South Sudan.