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Hidden pitfalls of letting short-term accommodation

Since start-ups like ReadyProperty and Airbnb boomed on the real estate market, they go upscale, hardly leaving a chance to obsolete hotels and hostels. This popularity growth is preceded by an opportunity to have a commodious personal space for a short period of time. Nevertheless, people still consider that short let flats are rented only by tourists. Short let accommodations have a far broader spectrum of consumers though. In case you are a searcher of a short let property, we prepared a special offer for you. Check out our website for apartments for short let in London. We have a wide range of options to meet every taste and budget. To make it simple, a short let property is a type of accommodation you can rent ranging from one week to six months. The demand is high among people that explore the town before purchasing, part-time workers searching for a place to live in and property owners who just need a place to stay since their residences are under repair. On the one hand, short-term apartments can bring flexibility; however, landlords may face a problem of an uncertain income. The reason is an indefinite flow of renters – you never know when will be the next time somebody rents a property. Moreover, landowners need to know where exactly to let their accommodation. Nevertheless, a landlord can discover a profitable market letting short-terms properties. A property owner, therefore, can set higher rates than long-term rentals. Still, it remains a fast and convenient way to rent and allow a house for both a property owner as well as a renter.